About Us


Increasing spiritual awareness and helping those in need in society as a whole.


  • TO ESTABLISH, OPERATE AND MAINTAIN CHARITABLE PROJECTS for deprived and stressed communities in both educational and medical fields.
  • TO CONDUCT VARIOUS PHILANTHROPIC AND HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES to meet the immediate needs of the all the needy in the society.
  • TO ORGANIZE SPIRITUAL CAMPS AND RETREATS that demonstrate practical devotion to spiritual aspirants.
  • TO TEACH AND SPREAD THE TRUE ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE VEDAS and other Indian Mythology in the simplest form, and to guide and inspire seekers to attain their true goal of God-realisation.


  • Education: Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Karmkand, Literature, Traditional Culture & Arts through, online training, School/college/university
  • Spiritual Training/Consultancy/Advisory Services
  • Placements & Self-Employment Generation Activities
  • Healthcare: Herbal & Medicinal Production, Hospital
  • SANAATAN Tradition: Awareness, Training
  • Market Linkage Programs of Rural and Semi Urban produce like Pooja Materials, Household Items, Clothes and others to Whole sellers & retailers

Governing Council