Education as per Sanaatan Dharm

Our institution of schooling should lay more emphasis on teaching the students – ‘The aim and purpose of life.’ The schooling processes and curriculum of education should be adjusted accordingly. One should understand, along with mathematics or physics the child must learn truth and honesty. Schooling must be based on truth.

Padmanbham Eduction vertical covers all aspect of education to achieve the vision of complete education in a child. It deals with setting up and implementation of full module of learning for children, parents and teachers also.

For children apart from the normal academic education to study tips, good habits, personality development, duties unto nation and dharma; and for parents it is from Garbh Sanskar, child development, parental responsibilities, parenting tips, problem handling for children.

The aim of PADMANABHAM VIDYALAYA system of education is keeping the students away from the maddening crowd of cities, the squalor of outside culture and thought, a proper development of their personalities, in the lap of benevolent nature, health and character building, development of social interaction, making them shed their ignorance, keeping them far away from superstitions, protection and perseverance of culture, encouraging students to adopt simple living and high thinking, creating awareness among them about culture, civilization and society, promoting their positive attitude, inculcating in them a sense of unity and providing high conduct of oriented education etc.

The Society will take care of students’ dreams and aspirations. So, we aspire to instill the best of education with the best of values in students. Great importance will be attached to the quality of the staff at Padmanabham Vidyalaya. Trained, highly qualified and experienced teachers are being appointed to impart education. Compassion, devotion to duties, good manners, helpfulness, dedication and strong belief in spiritualism are some of the prerequisites of teachers at VIDYALAYA.


  1. Propagation of Vedic Value System.
  2. Dispelling Avidya (Ignorance) and Promoting Vidya (Wisdom).
  3. Accepting Truth and Renouncing Untruth.
  4. Promoting Physical, Spiritual and Social Good of Everyone.
  5. Inculcating Love, Righteousness and Justices.